Project Carnage




Unreal Engine


Lead Programmer


3 Months

The Unreal Engine was used to create an atmospheric platforming experience. the game draws inspiration from famous titles such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Journey. As a Lead on the project, I gave input on he concept, sound and mechanics of the game.

As the main programmer for this project, I took it upon myself to deliver on the mechanics decided for the game. The game was developed in the Unreal Engine, taking advantage of its powerful and intuitive Visual Scripting system (Blueprints). It was a novel experience for me as I am used to writing lines on lines of code instead of dragging and connecting nodes. It got messy really fast but presented gamified the coding in a way! We wanted the player to focus on the journey and the world around them which is why the mechanics we decided upon were very minimal.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. There is a radial bar on the screen to show health which changes color as it reaches the different stages. The bionic legs and the main character’s trusty companion also mimic these color changes.
  2. A Dynamic Camera was Designed and used to hint the player in the right direction.
  3. A Checkpoint System is in place to auto save their progress.

As the leader of this team, I learned the importance of being able to make compromises and take the team forward together.

Looking back at this project and comparing it to my latest team project. I can say that I saw an exponential growth in my leading capabilities and my personal skillset and can gladly say that I really enjoy working in a team of multiple creative individuals!

The Source is available in our producer’s repository here.


Other Team Members

UX Designer and Producer

Hannah Davidson

Lead Level Designer


Sound Designer


Lead Animator and Character Designer

Rachel Cassandro

Background and Environment Artist


Lead Asset Artist


Clips from the game

Most Recent Look of the Canopy

Recent Look at the Mid Branch

Health Decreasing and Color Change

Entrance of the cave

The End – Still in progress

Initial Look at the Project