Rexley, The weird cousin




Bethesda Creation Kit


Programmer, Designer


3 Months

This mod was created for my Master’s research project at Abertay University. The aim of the research was to study the possibility of showing adaptive behaviour in followers in Skyrim. The idea came from observing that followers available in Skyrim all seemed to not care much about their surroundings. This mod explores the possibility of showing some sort of reactionary behaviours in a follower to make them appear more aware of their surroundings.

There is much room to build upon and create a unique story for the follower which I intend to pursue in my free time after the research. The mod is available for download on Nexus Forums. The Research Paper is also available for your viewing pleasure.

If you find it interesting, do reach out to me as I would love to discuss it further!


Study the possibility of showing adaptive behavior within the AI framework which exists in Skyrim.



1. A custom follower who can be recruited to accompany you on adventures across Skyrim.

2. She reacts to the presence of the Companions Circle Members and her behaviour and personality shifts accordingly.

3. She has a life of her own, so settles into the game world when she isn’t following you around.

Stills from the game

Idle Tasks

Rexley keeping herself busy


Follows a sleeping schedule