Space Chef


Cooking, Survival




All Platforms

Release Date

Expected April, 2023

Space Chef is a massively open world Cooking Survival Game with RPG Elements set in space. The talented people at BlueGooGames have been hard at work developing this project to be ready. Game is set to release on all platforms, around April 2023

Space Chef strives to provide a comical and rich experience. It is inspired by cartoons like Rick and Morty, Final Space and Futurama. You can learn more about it on their Official Kickstarter.

I provide my services on Space Chef as a Gameplay Programmer. My focus is to create gameplay features and mechanics within the systems designed for the game. I also help with setting up the levels in unity space after their assets are produced by the artists and the design is okayed by the lead.

Since it is an indie studio, I get the opportunity to help around with other minor elements as well, such as creating trailer clips for the Kickstarter reveal campaign.

This position has offered me great insight on how things happen within a professional work environment within the indie game development space, and have noticed an exponential growth in my technical skills.

Clips from the game

Trailer Clip

Created this clip to showcase action in space where the player may have to dodge and avoid pirates!

Space Weapons

Developed a range of weapons for space for collecting resources or for creative offensive measures!

Level Development

The Nebula is rich with places to explore. One of the many places is Zlurkas! Which I set up for chefs to visit!