Who is grandma




Unity Engine


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Play it right here

This game was developed as the submission for the GGJ 2022. The Theme for this year’s jam was Duality.

Who Is Grandma incorporates this theme in its art, music and gameplay mechanics. You can play it in the browser for yourself too!

I worked on creating a simple and intuitive character controller so that the player requires the least amount of direction in acquainting themselves with the movement. The most entertaining mechanic for me to add was the UV Torchlight as it reveals clues to the main story and hints to solving the puzzle. I played around with sprite masks to create this effect!

You can view the code repository for this project here.

Team Members:

Zainab Ali (Me) – Programmer
Art and Design – Anita Tabaczkiewicz and Alba Barato
Gameplay Design – Antoni “Equerell” Latusek and Samira Prudon
Song: Metre – Empty House
and offcourse special thanks to the emotional support crew Ris, Cookie and Sonia


Explore Grandmas House

Use Grandma’s hints to find the items

Discover the mystery of Who Is Grandma